The Four Levels and ROE within TrainingCheck

The Kirkpatrick Four Levels and ROE within TrainingCheck 

TrainingCheck provides integrated support for both the original Kirkpatrick Four Level model and the ROE model by providing:

• Detailed guidance on planning, creating, carrying out and reporting on training evaluations in line with the Four Level and ROE models.
• Web-based, automated processes for designing, carrying out, analysing and reporting on evaluations at each of the Kirkpatrick levels.
• A comprehensive Question Library subdivided into the Kirkpatrick levels
• Ready-made, customisable example training evaluations at each of the Kirkpatrick levels – ie Participant Reaction, Learning, Job Impact (both participant and manager views), and Business Impact.  

We also provide a range of other content to support the wider aspects of Kirkpatrick training evaluation, including example training needs analyses, core competency assessments and 360 degree/ multi-rater evaluations.                                         

Beyond Kirkpatrick

To expand the opportunities for evaluators to gain meaningful feedback and actionable data on training impact, TrainingCheck also provides further training evaluation features and elements, including:

• A ‘Return on Training Investment Calculator’, which can be used to carry out ROI%, cost-benefit ratio and ‘Payback Period’ analyses.
• A wide variety of supplementary training evaluation questions within the example evaluations and the Question Library, including Bersin, Brinkerhoff, Phillips ROI and Balanced Scorecard type questions.

You can get more information on the above approach, guidance on how to carry out effective training evaluations, and access to powerful evaluation tools by signing up to TrainingCheck for FREE


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