Designed to meet your needs

No previous knowledge required. No software to install. Just open a browser and go.

Who can use TrainingCheck?

It is designed to be easy to use by anyone who needs to evaluate training:

  • 18 ready-to-use evaluations or create your own
  • Extensive library of optimized evaluation questions
  • Integrated with Kirkpatrick and ROE evaluation models (optional)
  • Clear, simple interfaces

How is feedback collected?

You choose how you collect evaluation feedback:

  • Send links by email
  • Add results from paper-based evaluations
  • Embed links into web pages
  • Deploy through a single device/kiosk
  • Use any combination of methods



How are results reported?

TrainingCheck offers advanced results analysis and custom reporting options:

  • Single and multi-event (aggregated) 
  • Report by training type, trainer, location, business area, client, date range etc
  • Return on Investment and 'Payback Period' analysis
  • Response filtering
  • Export results as PDF, CSV, XML, SPSS

Can I change the content?

All evaluations can be fully customized to your needs:

  • Create new evaluations and templates
  • Design new questions using 16 question types
  • Add your company logo and branding
  • Include end pages and completion messages

Can I work with colleagues?

You have a choice of collaboration and sharing options:

  • Share evaluations with colleagues
  • Collaborate on evaluation and question development
  • Create organization-wide templates
  • Share question libraries and contact lists

What support do you offer?

We make sure you know your way around and provide help if needed:

  • Quick Start Demo Video
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • In-depth FAQs
  • Guide to Training Evaluation
  • Email support

Is it secure?

We've worked hard to ensure that your data is safe:

  • Hosted on Rackspace secure servers behind multiple firewalls 
  • Systematic data backup
  • Secure SSL / HTTPS encrypted sending of evaluations and report data
  • Comprehensive Privacy Policy

What about cost?

You can use TrainingCheck for free, or get a fully featured PRO account: