5 Reasons to Use a Dedicated Training Evaluation Tool

When it comes to evaluating training many people think that using a basic survey tool will suffice, but here are 5 reasons why they could be missing out:

1. Content, content, content

Training evaluation is a specialist area that has been researched intensively over many decades. TrainingCheck uses this expert knowledge to develop functions and content, such as ready-made evaluations and question libraries, which help you to evaluate more effectively.

2. You become the expert

With TrainingCheck you can expand on what you already know. By exploring the different levels of evaluation available you can quickly discover new and better ways to generate the training feedback you need. Whether you just want to improve your participant evaluations or learn how to complete a full ‘return on expectations’ analysis, it’s all there for you.

3. An evaluation is not just another survey

TrainingCheck sees your evaluations as belonging to a particular type of training, training method, trainer, location etc. This makes it easier to keep track of them, and when you want to see how well things are going in a particular area you can bring all of the relevant information together in one place easily.

4. Fit-for-purpose

TrainingCheck allows you to create fit-for-purpose reports based on your needs. So whether you want a report on a single evaluation, on multiple evaluations combined or, say, on all the responses to a particular question across all your training, it can do this for you.

5. Testing the bottom-line

If knowing about the job and business impact of training is important to you, then TrainingCheck will provide you with all you need to measure this effectively. And if you want to check the financial impact, it will also let you automatically calculate the return on investment (ROI).

These are just a few of the reasons why anyone using a basic survey tool to evaluate their training is missing out. To find out more take a tour or you can simply start using TrainingCheck for free!.

What TrainingCheck users say:

"We were using a well-known survey tool for our evaluations but switched to TrainingCheck and are delighted with the results.  The response rate and quality of feedback has been excellent."  Managing Director, LanguageTrainers.com 

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