Training Evaluation Form

TrainingCheck provides 18 different example training evaluation forms covering areas such as Participant Reaction, Learning, Job Impact, Business Impact and Return on Investment.

Click the link below to view an example 'Participant Reaction' evaluation form:

- Example Training Evaluation Form (online version)

Each training evaluation form is fully editable, or you can create your own forms from scratch. Responses can be collected online via email or web link, or you can print your form to collect feedback on paper and then transfer the results to TrainingCheck for easy analysis.

Effective Training Evaluation Questions

For any training evaluation form to be effective it must be based on well-constructed questions. Our example training evaluation template forms and extensive Question Library contain questions that have been carefully optimized, which means they:

  • are linked to the training objectives
  • are stated clearly and indicate how to respond
  • test what they are actually designed to test
  • provide reliable, consistent results
  • are not biased or ‘loaded’
  • allow for all possible answers
  • limit the number of response choices (so as not to be confusing)
  • do not assume the respondent knows the answer to the question
  • where appropriate, take into account factors that may support or hold back learning and its transfer to the workplace.
  • are sensitive to moral or ethical issues.

To find out more about training evaluation form and question design, visit our Help Centre.


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